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Inbound Call Tracking


Digital Marketing

If you are only keeping track of leads you get through online forms on your website, you're not seeing the whole picture. Call tracking allows you to count and listen to each phone call that comes in through your website or any other marketing channel.

How It Works

Let's take your website as an example of a marketing channel. Right now you probably have your local phone number showing up on your site. We'll essentially create a different local phone number which will forward the call to your actual number. This is done using a powerful platform that will not only count every call but also record it so that you can go back and listen to every phone lead. If we only show the new trackable number on your website, and nowhere else, we can assume all the inbound calls to this number must have come in through your website. You can repeat this process with other marketing channels. If you're wondering how many phone leads are coming in as a result of your radio ads we can create another trackable number for exclusive use in your radio ads. You can have an unlimited number of trackable numbers, one for each marketing channel, whether digital or traditional.

If you get a lot of calls to your website we can set up a number pool. Essentially 4 or more trackable phone numbers that get shown dynamically on your website. Number pools allow you to track multiple phone calls at the same time. Even if you don't expect multiple inbound calls at the same time, number pools are useful because they collect additional META data. If you have a number pool set up on your website you will be able to see exactly how the caller landed on your website, whether direct traffic (the entered your website address), organic search via Google or another search engine, pay-per-click campaign (Google Ads, etc.) and more.

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