We're currently the #1 "Regina SEO" company on Google

On March 11th, 2020 we posted a story about the fact that Squareflo® rose to the #2 spot on Google's organic search results for the search term "Regina SEO" and "SEO Regina"

In case you missed our previous post entitled "What The Heck? We're Currently The #2 SEO Company In Regina According To Google." check it out for context. This post is just a quick update on the whole situation.

Well, today we're proud to announce we have reached the #1 spot.

Regina Seo Company

Getting on page one of Google's organic search results when competing against the best search engine optimization companies in Regina required a genuine effort. We're sure our competitors will dial in their efforts and we might not have the top spot for long. For now, we're pumped!

In fact, we actually have the #1 and #2 spots right now, due to the way our site's template is being indexed by Google. 

To celebrate this recent achievement, we're offering 20% OFF this SEO package, limited to the next three orders we receive through our online store, with discount code: SFSEO1

Credit goes to our CMS & template

A few years ago we decide to stop building websites with WordPress despite being a decent CMS.

Instead, we developed a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) based on feedback we received from clients over the years, and ultimately to simplify our jobs.

Looking back, we're happy we made the change. Our CMS makes it easy to optimize a website.

In addition to our CMS, the front-end template we're using for our site also plays an important part. Our hosted CMS platform allows us to build multiple websites with the same template. In fact, the template we use for Squareflo's site is also used for FloPrint's site and around 200 client sites. Due to the architecture of our CMS platform, any improvements we make to the template to boost our SEO efforts affect all our clients' sites. This particular template has really been "dialed in" over the past few years to perform really well on search engines.

When it comes to SEO performance and ease-of-use, the success of our CMS and our templates is apparent in the fact that a number of other web design companies in Regina, like Compass Advertising and Mister Webguy are now building websites with of our system. So if you need an SEO-friendly website, you can hit them up too!