Sales Job

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You're looking for a sales job. We're looking for good salespeople. What are the odds?

Squareflo® is an internet marketing company established in 2005, based in the heart of Canada. We help businesses succeed online. To be more specific, we drive quality leads and sales using our web design, search engine optimization, and other internet marketing skills.

We are very good at what we do, and we want to expand.

We are currently looking for experienced sales professionals to help us grow. Wherever businesses rely on the internet, we want to have a presence. So, no matter where you are based, we want to hear from you.

Think about it, you're looking for a sales job, and you found us. Or is it the other way around?

How would you feel about setting up shop in your city?

Can you imagine running a Squareflo® office where you are right now? 

You take care of sales, local community involvement, and client relations. We'll do the work.

If you're looking for a sales job, but deep down inside, you want to run your own business; something you can sell or pass on one day when you retire, consider this opportunity to become a Squareflo® franchisee.

If you are damn good at building relationships and closing deals, but you're not very experienced in this field, don't worry. We'll get you up to speed.

If you have ever sold traditional advertising, selling internet marketing services is a piece of cake.


  • Work for yourself under our brand. 
  • Don't worry about hiring web & SEO gurus. Build a sales team instead
  • Earn recurring revenue. We charge clients monthly fees!
  • Work from home, co-work space, or an office.
  • Start with a client list of 200 active Squareflo clients
  • Sell internet marketing services that are in very high demand
  • Get a proven business model, tried and tested since 2005.
  • Be one of our first franchisees, get in on the ground level.
  • Are you interested? Have any questions? Let's talk.