Free Website For Restaurants

Looking for a free website for your restaurant? Look no further. We offer restaurants all over the world a free website that is mobile-friendly and very effective. Our free restaurant website is ideal for any restaurant operators who want a web page that allows visitors to view your menu, order online, reserve a table, leave a Google Review, redeem coupons, get directions, view your restaurant's hours of operation, and get in touch by phone or email and more.


Most people visit restaurant websites using their mobile phones, which is why our free restaurant website has a "mobile-first" responsive design, and it comes with a QR code you can print and place on your tables, or as you see fit. 


What's the catch? As the proud founders of, a commission-free online ordering system for restaurants, we offer restaurants a free website, with no string attached, in order to build relationships with restaurant owners in order to promote our online ordering platform. Having said this, you are welcome to link your website's "order online" button to any online ordering system you prefer. We promise we won't pressure you to use Chow Local. Promise!



What are you waiting for? If you want a free restaurant website, contact us right now and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible to collect the info they will need to set up your free restaurant website. Once set up, you'll receive an invitation to manage your website yourself. It's extremely easy to do, and we offer friendly support if you ever get stuck.