Google Ads

Unlike traditional advertising mediums, online advertising platforms like Google Ads only charge you for the clicks your ad gets. So you're essentially only paying for results. You don't have to be an expert to get started with Google ads. In this post, you will find more info as well as a nice video produced by Google Ads, showing you step-by-step how to get started.




Setting up effective Google Ad campaigns with a high conversion rate takes strategic know-how how, on-going attention and oversight. If you don't have the time to focus on your Google Adwords, or other pay-per-click ad campaigns it might be better to hire us to do it for you.


Why we're different


Most digital marketing companies that manage online ad campaigns, will charge you a percentage (ranging from 25% to 50%) of your overall budget. We charge a flat fee regardless of how much you want to spend on ads, and here's why. We don't want you to spend more than you need to get more business. If a company charges a percentage of your overall ad spend, they have a natural incentive to get you to spend more, while not necessarily getting you any more or better results. Even when salespeople from the advertising platform offer to help you set up your ad campaigns, they ultimately have a goal to get you to spend as much of your advertising budget on their platform as possible.


Most other Google Ad experts will give you regular performance reports. They will show you how many times your ad got shown, clicked and ultimately what your click-through rate is. Having access to this information is very valuable compared to traditional advertising mediums that offer no more than statistical data. We take it a step further. We focus on your conversion rate, instead of your click-trough-rate. Our clients judge our performance based on the number and quality of new leads we generate. For example, if your ad gets shown 100 times, and it gets clicked 10 times, your click-through-rate is 10%, and if you get one phone call, or one quote request or an online store sale as a result, your conversion rate is 1%. In order to know what your conversion rate is you need to be able to track your advertiser from the time they click on your ad, until they hang up the phone, or submit their quote request. We do this and we allow you full access to see exactly how many leads you're getting. When it comes to tracking phone calls, we not only show our clients the number of phone calls they get from visitors that come to their website via Google Ads, we let them listen to a recording of each call. This allows our clients to determine whether the calls they get as a result of their online ads are valuable leads, worth paying for or not.


Unlike most Google ad experts, we let you pay Google or the advertising platform directly. This way you know we're not adding a markup. Other companies will charge you a monthly fee, which includes their fee (25%-50%) and the rest pays for your ads. Our way of doing things is transparent and allows you to collect the credit card rewards.


We don't lock our clients into a contract. If you hire us to manage your Google ads, you can cancel at any time.