Website Design

The web has changed a lot since we launched Squareflo in 2005, and it continues to evolve in exciting ways. Two things have not changed at all.


Firstly, potential customers judge your business, based on your website. That's a fact!


Secondly, if your website is not helping you generate new business it is essentially useless, regardless of how it looks, or how much you spent on it. 


When we started out, you needed to be a programmer to build a website. Now, thanks to D.I.Y website builders, anyone can create a website. Ironically many of our clients initially reached out to us because the website they created with one of those DIY website builders, ended up looking unprofessional, or they just were not getting results.


The truth is, there are a lot of "web designers" out there, very few actually know how to build a website that consistently delivers results. 




Measuring the success of your website based on sessions and pageviews will only get you so far. What we focus on, are results.


When we talk about results, we're referring to the results YOU value. Your idea of a result might be a quote request from someone, who is actually interested in your services. Or, you might value a successful online sale, an event ticket sold, a donation or registration payment received.


Whatever it is that you need your website to ultimately do to help your business or organization grow, we'll help you get it.




Our mantra is simple: Consistency! In everything we do, we strive to offer our clients consistency. When we design websites, our primary goal is to create a site that will deliver measurable, and valuable, results. Day after day, year after year. 


Easy Updates


A website powered by our content management system (CMS) is super easy to update. Our CMS will let you and your team keep your website's content fresh and relevant. Not only does Google like to "see" your site gets updated regularly, but your visitors will appreciate it too. There's nothing as frustrating to someone looking for information, than an outdated site, lacking the info they want.


You Got This


We know you're not a web design expert. Most of our clients are too busy running their businesses to be bothered with learning how to use complex website maintenance software. Squareflo's platform is extremely easy to use. Best of all, we offer our clients unlimited, ongoing, training and technical support in case they ever get stuck. 


The Ball Is In Your Court


If you're unhappy with the results (or lack of thereof) your website is getting, don't hesitate to contact us below. Allow us to show you what makes us different, and how we can improve your situation.